The Biggs'


Mike & Dasha Biggs.

   Las Vegas is probably the perfect venue for artists Mike & Dasha Biggs. Not only can they meet the demands posed by a city of extreme entertainment media, the city itself also fosters the Biggs’ fascination with the contradictions of a civilized world. Light and dark. Temptation. Life and death. 

   Mike Biggs was born and raised in Las Vegas, giving him an artistic edge beyond the norm. After graduating from a special High School that focused on his talent for art, Mike continued his studies at the Art Institute of Phoenix where he obtained a degree in computer animation. Combining this with his artistic talent, Mike launched his career in Las Vegas designing casino games. As his career progressed and his network of contacts grew, Mike’s portfolio expanded as well. 

   After years in the casino gaming industry, Mike decided to make a career change. While doing freelance graphic design he studied the art of tattooing as an apprentice for about a year then went on to practicing the newly acquired talent for years to come. Currently working at one of the most highly rated shops in Las Vegas - Studio 21 Tattoo, Mike mixes his art with the traditional tattoo world and has built an extensive tattoo portfolio.

   Dasha Biggs was born into the world of art in Moscow, Russia. Mesmerized and inspired by the mysterious and colorful paintings of her grandfather, Daria's first artistic attempts emerged as doodles, that eventually evolved into drawings and paintings. After moving to the United States in the Los Angeles area, her work became noteworthy and captured the attention of the Rhyman School. Here she landed a scholarship and became entrenched in the study of art, its expression in multiple forms, and presented at various galleries including the LACMA.

   A natural course of work took her on a pathway into graphic design and animation. But, her talent landed her a job in Las Vegas as a venetian mask artist for a major hotel. A few years later Dasha returned to graphic arts designing games for customers around the globe.

   Her passion is her art and shared projects with her best friend and life partner, Mike. Together, they hope to take their art efforts worldwide and become seasoned travelers.